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induced convulsions with strychnin in starved rabbits, presumably gly-

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development. Thus in Atcheen it has proved a scourge to the Dutch

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venter, omnino cibum attrahit \ vociferatur, pro/flit,

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touching narrative by Col. Ponsonby of his multiple wounds and injuries

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there gives rise to the development of the echinococcus cysts.

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patient, and the piping carried the hot air to the extempo-

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second attack of fever/which, however, disappeared in the course of a few days.

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in situ. Over it is then introduced a short tubular speculum,

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though manifestly ill, his temperature was normal, and

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and caseation of morbid products are prevented. The same

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opinion among physicians, and the want of harmony in

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an anti-maternal material, an antagonist to the maternal -f.

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Some Gipsy tribes buried their dead upon the tops of

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tated. The infl6ence ceases after division of the splanchnic nerve. Schiff

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respiration are such that an absolutely precise estimate

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guild. The Town Council fined him twenty pounds and forbade him under pain

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primary lateral sclerosis of the pyramidal tract. — Dr. ^Mackie Whyte

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novocain and carefully noted the results, contrasting them with

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An interesting question, which arises out of the association of

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the uterine veins, chiefly from the puerperal uterus, either spontaneously

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manifestation, some true lesion of the skin or some eruption produced for

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sinuses above knee, one on each side ; haemorrhage caused by dancing a

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(20), 14 maggio, pp. 605-611, 4 tables. [MS. dated now 1904.] [W m .]

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n^th some red paint or mineral. When bufnt, it leaves

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The advantage of the alcoholic solution from the standpoint

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paracentesis rested npon the use of clumsy and imperfect means of operation, and

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instead of barely half or three quarters of an inch, as is the case

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7. Age. nineteen ; primipara ; foetus 6^ months ; ergot 3j, and chloral 3J

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is due to phagocytosis. Virulent anthrax bacilli grow freely in normal dog

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sented by Humboldt to the late King of Prussia, whom

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or overwrought, devoid of his usual energy and vivacity,

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and that the only rule necessary to guide the administration is — the

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tion, the treatment is resolved into the use of tonics, especially iron