Texas Holdem rules

2733190557 ef95098ea3 Texas Holdem rulesWho plays Texas Holdem poker says – it is five minutes to learn and whole life to master. For first view – texas holdem are really simple game – each player gets two cards and with five cards on table must make biggest combination. Simple? No it is not very simple because Texas Holdem poker has a lot of game types, so strategies to. There is one betting strategy when plays five players and other then on one table plays ten players. This is most populiar poker variation, so get ready for the action.

Texas Holdem rules

People plays Texas Holdem with standart 52 card deck. There is three very important positions when people plays this poker variation. It is dealer position (man, who deals), small blind position (forced bet – half of big blind) and big blind – forced bet. A dealer shuffles and deals card in left of him is man, who must bet a half big blind bet. In left of small blind is big blind position – man who must bet smallest bet even he decides to not play. Those positions is dynamic. If someone was in big blind position, next hand he will be in small blind position, if man was in small position – next hand he will be dealer. Positions moves to left. When you playing with friend without real dealer, who do not play, cards shuffling and dealing that man, who are in dealer position. In casinos there is dealer who do that job and dealer button only indicates formal position.

On one table can play two or more players. But there cant be more than ten players on one table.

0311PWM HTP RULES table Texas Holdem rulesWhen dealer dealt cards (two for each player) begins betting. This stage is called pre-flop. Players must decide – they plays this hand or folds. Players who want to play – can call or raise bet. First who talks is man who is in left of big blind. He can fold, call or raise minimal bet. After his decision talks man who sits in his left. And so on. When betting reaches big blind position and bets is not raised – man who is in big blind position can check or raise betting. If someone raised before – he can call or fold.

After that when all betting is done, dealer deals three turned up cards on the table. That three cards on the table is called – flop. After flop arrives – players who left starts betting again. Now first talks that player who is first of dealer of his left. If small blind folded in pre flop – first who do betting is player who plays in big blind position this hand. If he folded – to do something first must man who was in left of big blind and so on. There is more opportunities – players can check, bet, raise or fold.

After bettings is done – dealer shows fourth card – its called turn. Players start new betting round.

After that betting dealer shows fifth card – this is river. Players does last betting and shows cards. Cards first must show that player who first checked, betted or raised.. Other player can show or not to show his cards. If he decides to not show his cards – it means that he folds – so loosing this hand. Hand wins player who has a biggest combination (best hand).

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