World of warcraft – New 31-Point Talent Trees Released!

Blizzard’s big talent change is now live on the beta servers and it’s definitely a big change…
There was a beta client patch today and the new talents are in! The beta servers are crashing non stop at the moment, so I’ll do my best to fill everyone in on the nature of the changes from the peeks I’ve been able to get in between disconnects.

There are, as most will know by now, 31 talents per tree and an initial system for selecting a specialization before you spend your first talent point. When you bring up the main talent menu you’re met with this screen:



Cataclysm: Goblin Zone Levels 1-10 Walkthrough

Get a walkthrough of the Goblin starting zones
The Cataclysm Beta has launched and World of Warcraft players everywhere are awaiting the e-mail that will tell them they are one of the select few that get to experience it firsthand. However, not all of us will be so lucky, that’s why we here at Ten Ton Hammer are pleased to bring you a glimpse into the world of Cataclysm with a complete Goblin zone walkthrough beginning with levels 1 through 10.

You hit the Enter World” button and your ready for your Goblin leveling experience. Once your screen loads you find yourself at the Goblin starting point, more precisely KTC Headquarters in Kezan.

Save World of Mass Effect 2

Getting tired of daily work? Well, time to be the hero and save the world!

Now this is what Mass Effect 2 is all about. This excellent add-on has great action, a smattering of memorable moments, and a final sequence that’s unlike anything you’ve seen in the series thus far. Overlord is a short but sweet microcosm of what makes the main game so entertaining, spiced with a neat hovercraft and a few quick puzzles to vary the tempo. The vehicular sections are a missed opportunity, and some of Mass Effect 2’s occasional glitches have carried over into the latest content. But these minor gripes barely lessen the dramatic impact of Shepard’s latest mission–which also happens to be one of his (or her) best. Feel free to read more on call of duty ghosts aimbot .

The Geth are never not creepy.
Mass Effect 2: Overlord begins with a summons to a newly marked planet on the galactic map, where Cerberus has been conducting some rather questionable–or perhaps honorable, depending on your viewpoint–experiments. The problem? A chilling virtual intelligence has sequestered itself in a fortified research facility, and the project’s lone surviving scientist warns you of potentially dangerous consequences if you don’t stop this malevolent entity from spreading its influence across the galaxy. And Overlord does a terrific job of impressing upon you the maliciousness of this viral consciousness. The VI’s digitized groans that plague you during your adventure are absolutely chilling and only grow more so as you begin to understand its growls. Haunting new music instills a palpable sense of tension, and the dark interior spaces provide a sinister contrast to the shimmering waterfalls and scorching lava rivers on the planet’s surface.

You roam the surface not on foot but in the Hammerhead vehicle first seen in the free Firewalker add-on. This hovercraft feels appropriately floaty, allowing you to ride large gusts of steam to higher ground and making it a breeze to zoom to your next destination. The Hammerhead is used mainly as a quick mode of transport, and flitting about in it while gawking at the idyllic scenery makes for a nice change of pace. You also take aim at a few sentry guns and engage a large turret in a boss battle of sorts, but the overall lack of vehicular action makes the Hammerhead portions feel mildly unfulfilling. Fortunately, the core on-foot action is some of the best in the series. A few of the larger environments let you take on Geth and other foes from multiple angles, which are a nice change from the straight-on encounters that typify most of Mass Effect 2’s battles. Screen-shaking explosions make one battle particularly fun; a surprise appearance of Geth foes via elevator leads to another enjoyable skirmish. This isn’t Overlord’s only important elevator sequence, however. A ride in a shaky lift is one of the add-on’s most memorable and frightening moments, and you don’t fire a single shot.